Proper Wake and Bake Tips From a Marijuana Dispensary

marijuana dispensary

Recreational cannabis tips from a marijuana dispensary are something you won’t get too often. But here at BARC, we aim to educate our loyal customers and followers in whatever way we can. And hopefully, the tips we give do add value to the reader’s life. 

For today, we’re giving you tips on how to properly wake and bake. Some people are about that lifestyle, and with moderation, you can have a healthy relationship with the magic herb. 

If you’re the type who enjoys their buds the moment they wake up, these tips are for you. 

Pick Your Strains

There is no strict rule for which strains to use as a day starter. Some people enjoy slow mornings and prefer indicas, while others want that jolt that sativas are known for. 

The answer to “Which strain should I go with?” is always “Whichever suits you best.” Go with the one that puts you most at ease and ready to face the day ahead. 

Pair It With Coffee

People who wake and bake know how much of a perfect pairing coffee is with their preferred bud. That caffeine buzz can make things interesting, depending on which strain you’re partnering it with. 

Most people prefer a nice Sativa to go with their coffee, as a form of energy boost, both physically and mentally. Others enjoy that push-pull buzz from a stoney indica with caffeine. Likewise, go with whatever works with you, your body and your routine best. 

Don’t Let Yourself Go too Much

Stoners give off the impression of being lazy, overly laid-back people. That may or may not be a good thing for you, but if you want to be taken seriously, this is a vibe you wouldn’t want to give off. 

Long story short, don’t look too sloppy. Take a shower and put on something decent if you’re going out. Of course, don’t forget those eye drops to mask those fiery red eyes. 

Is It Good to Wake up and Bake?

Starting your day by sparking up can set the tone of the entire day, depending on how you end up feeling. It can even make you feel creative during a dull morning. 

But like every good thing in life, do it in moderation. Don’t allow yourself to get used to being high every morning, as it could lead to undesirable results. 

marijuana dispensary

A Marijuana Dispensary You Can Call Your Own

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