3 Energizing Strains You’ll Find At a Weed Dispensary in Hollywood

Upon your visit to a weed dispensary in Hollywood, you’ll find a list of strains with different names. Each one has a different effect depending on what you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sleep aid, a pain reliever, or a mood booster, you’ll likely find a strain for a specific purpose. 

In this case, we’re covering three strains that can help energize you and bring some life into a dull, boring day. Whether or not you’ve tried any of these, consuming them in your preferred method can very well uplift your spirits. 

Acapulco Gold

If you’re wondering how it is to experience a rare cannabis strain, here’s one way to find out. Acapulco Gold may not come by very often these days, but when it does, this Sativa always leaves a lasting impression. 

As you may take from its name, it hails from a specific region in Mexico and is known to provide that boost of energy when you need it. 

What’s noticeable about the Acapulco Gold is the orange hairs on its surface, making it stand out at first glance. If you’re lucky to get your hands on them, be sure to save some for yourself because it’ll likely take a while before you can find some of these again once you’ve finished them. 

Maui Wowie

Here’s another classic Sativa that’s made many cannabis lovers feel satisfied through any escapades. Maui Wowie will leave your taste buds overload with a sweet pineapple taste as the rest of your body enjoys a euphoric high. Talk about a winner of a combination. 

Maui Wowie can also leave you creative if that’s what you tend to do while on a psychotropic trip. 

Dream Queen

When you cross a Blue Dream with the Space Queen, you get the revitalizing hybrid that is Dream Queen. Not only will it leave you with uplifted spirits after a few tokes, but you’ll also get to enjoy a citrus and menthol combo that you’re likely to have an acquired taste for. 

This one may only have 16% THC, but it’s still worth taking some precautions for. Do not consume too much and be sure to tread lightly. 

What to Expect When You Visit Weed Dispensary in Hollywood

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