A Marijuana Dispensary’s Tips on How to Hide Cannabis Smell

Every bud you find from a marijuana dispensary will have a distinct aroma that’s inviting for cannabis users. But if you’re with someone who isn’t a huge fan of the magic herb, that smell can be a bit off-putting. Depending on where you are, it won’t necessarily get you in trouble with the law. But it can draw you some dirty looks from neighbors, even from housemates and family members. 

There are effective ways to mask that smell, which we will discuss in this short article. 

Keep Your Buds in a Well-Ventilated Place

This tip is for growers and recreational users alike. Freshly-harvested buds specifically emit a strong, pungent aroma that tends to linger, especially in a small room. 

If you’re keeping fresh buds with you, be sure to do so in a well-ventilated place. And of course, don’t forget to keep them in a tightly-sealed glass jar. Not only will this keep the smell from filling up the room, but it also maintains your bud’s freshness. 

Use Aromatics

Unfortunately, the run-of-the-mill room deodorizers you find at the grocery store aren’t enough to get the job done. You’ll need a little bit of reinforcement with the help of aromatics like essential oils, scented candles, and even some incense. 

At least with aromatics, you also get a fresh-smelling room at all times. That hits two birds with one stone. 

Coffee Grounds Are Your Best Friend

If you’re also an avid coffee drinker, you may want to save those grounds for later and not throw them out right away. That’s because coffee does an effective enough job of masking that strong cannabis smell. This works well in tight spaces like the bathroom or your car. 

Coffee, regardless of its form, will always have a pleasant smell that people will enjoy. That’s another plus for you. 

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