Marijuana Dispensary

A Marijuana Dispensary’s Tips on How to Hide Cannabis Smell

Every bud you find from a marijuana dispensary will have a distinct aroma that’s inviting for cannabis users. But if you’re with someone who isn’t a huge fan…

Recreational Dispensary West Hollywood

Read This Before Visiting a Recreational Dispensary in West Hollywood

So you’ve decided to visit a recreational dispensary in West Hollywood. It’s your first dispensary visit and understandably so, you don’t know what to expect other than the…

Weed Dispensary Los Angeles

What Hybrid Strains Will You Find at a Weed Dispensary in Los Angeles?

Every weed dispensary in Los Angeles will have a line of hybrid strains on its menu of items. What does vary from one shop to another is the…

Recreational dispensary in Beverly Hills

Insomnia-Killing Indicas From a Recreational Dispensary in Beverly Hills

So you’re visiting a Recreational Dispensary In Beverly Hills to look for strains that are known to kill sleep troubles. The budtender will likely offer you their best…

Weed Dispensary Hollywood

3 Energizing Strains You’ll Find At a Weed Dispensary in Hollywood

Upon your visit to a weed dispensary in Hollywood, you’ll find a list of strains with different names. Each one has a different effect depending on what you’re…

Marijuana Dispensary

Why You Should Buy Pre-Rolls From a Marijuana Dispensary

Since legalization, almost every cannabis marijuana dispensary will have a line of pre-rolls that they’re selling. They’re basically your choice of weed already rolled into a joint, and…

New York Applications for cannabis dispensaries start Aug 25th

The Office of Cannabis Management announcing they will be accepting applications for conditional adult-use retail dispensaries starting August 25th..

Adult Use Marijuana in Florida: 2024

In 2024, we may finally see adult use marijuana in Florida. This week, Smart & Safe Florida, a non-profit political organization..

Federally Funded Study Finds CBD Diet Reduces Stress in Cattle

Feeding cattle high-CBD industrial hemp can help reduce stress and potentially boost health, according to a new study..

Marijuana use on the rise among young Americans: Study

Marijuana use by young Americans reached record levels last year and the use of hallucinogens is also on the rise, according to a new study..

Five Cannabis Corporate Governance Mistakes

Many folks in the cannabis industry especially legacy operators have little to no experience with corporate governance..

Interstate Cannabis Agreements in California

California cannabis licensees can and cannot do under the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”).