New York Applications for cannabis dispensaries start Aug 25th

The Office of Cannabis Management announcing they will be accepting applications for conditional adult-use retail dispensaries starting August 25th..

Five Cannabis Corporate Governance Mistakes

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Essential Tips For Flying With CBD and Cannabis

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George Wajackoyah, one of four Kenyan presidential candidates in the pending national elections, is proposing to legalize cannabis..

Cannabis and Web3 Crossover: Tokenization

Since launching our Web3 practice group, we have been getting steady inquiries regarding cannabis and web3 crossover..

California Cannabis FAQ

Even though California has been issuing cannabis licenses since January 2018, I still get the same questions around cannabis..

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New York Issues First Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivation Licenses

On April 14, 2022 marked a historic event for New York’s adult-use cannabis industry: during the eighth Cannabis Control Board..