Insomnia-Killing Indicas From a Recreational Dispensary in Beverly Hills

So you’re visiting a Recreational Dispensary In Beverly Hills to look for strains that are known to kill sleep troubles. The budtender will likely offer you their best and most potent indicas. 

Unlike their sativa counterparts that tend to energize and provide that creativity boost, indicas are known to soothe, calm, and relax a worn-out body and silence an anxious mind. When taken in high doses, they will leave you in a stoned, almost incapacitated state. 

But don’t take our word for it. Go ahead and try them yourself. 

Grandaddy Purple

“Grandaddy Purps.” “GDP.” It goes by a few names, but its sleep-inducing effect is what’s most known about Grandaddy Purple. It registers at 17% on the THC levels, which isn’t as high as many of its contemporaries that go up to the mid-20s. And as expected, she provides a calmness that’ll make you want to fall into a deep state of slumber. 

But when taken in smaller doses, it can provide the right amount of physical relaxation, along with a palpable sense of cerebral euphoria. Those who use Grandaddy Purple for therapeutic purposes do so for its potential to provide relief for pain, spasms, appetite loss, sleeplessness, and stress.

Tahoe OG Kush

This one is a bit more potent and gives off an uplifting sensation that’s common to many sativas. Tahoe OG Kush has THC levels that go up to 21%. It is quite a hard hitter, and taking it in high doses may leave you glued to the mattress for the rest of the night. But if taken in more manageable doses, Tahoe OG Kush will give off a euphoric high that hits the spot. People who deal with insomnia and appetite loss use it for its therapeutic potential.

God’s Gift

When you have legendary heavy-hitters like OG Kush and Grandaddy Purple as your parent strains, you will likely inherit some of those genes. God’s Gift is known to the cannabis world for providing a blissful yet soothing high that’ll lull you straight to dreamland. If you have anything planned after smoking, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by canceling them, because this will leave you in an almost incapacitated state, especially in higher doses. 

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