Read This Before Visiting a Recreational Dispensary in West Hollywood

So you’ve decided to visit a recreational dispensary in West Hollywood. It’s your first dispensary visit and understandably so, you don’t know what to expect other than the things you’ve read online or the tips others have given you. 

While dispensary operations are as straightforward as your neighborhood candy shop, there are certain things you’d want to know that can prove to be helpful. Here are three of the most important ones. 

Know Why You’re There

Dispensaries aren’t like clothing stores where you have the luxury of doing some window shopping. Before entering a weed shop, have a clear idea in mind about the products you’re intending to purchase. 

Are you looking for a strain to destress you? Or are you looking for a strain to energize you? It’s not a hard requirement, but knowing all of these beforehand will make your first dispensary trip much more efficient. 

Have Some Cash With You

Because cannabis remains illegal on a federal level, most financial institutions would rather not be involved in any cannabis-related transaction. For that reason, most dispensaries will only accept cash payments. 

There are certain shops that have an ATM machine in place, but you’d want to be ready to avoid any preventable hassles. 

Ask Questions

Google and the internet can only provide you with so much information, some of which may even confuse you. That’s why it is important to ask questions during your dispensary visit. 

Most of these weed shops will have a knowledgeable budtender to provide answers to all your queries. So don’t leave any stone unturned and ask everything you need to know. 

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