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Daniel Dylan
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I have been so impressed with the service provided by the city’s newest marijuana delivery service. I live in a very busy, urban location and the service is amazing. I am amazed at the organization that is putting together this collective to deliver to people who order online or through the phone. They have an amazing website, a booming online presence, and are very organized. I absolutely love it and am excited to see what this company will bring to the cannabis industry.


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Olivia Herrera
Local Guide · 3 reviews

I first heard about BARC Collective from a friend who had been in before. I was immediately intrigued and stopped in to check it out. The store is a very welcoming environment; the staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the products. The service is amazing, and they have a variety of products for different types of consumers, even if you’re a newbie just like I was.


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My first experience with the Collective was when I ordered a few edibles and vape pens for some friends and myself. The process was simple: I picked out a strain, decided how much I wanted, and was able to place an order online. I have always enjoyed the quality of the products available there, but I had never tried their online delivery services. In terms of the physical store, the location was very well-designed and the products were very high quality, but what really made it stand out was the service and the team. The staff was incredibly friendly, and I could not wait to go back again. They are so excited about their business, and it shows.

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